Top 10 Australian Beaches To Visit This Year

Gunyah Beach eyre peninsula south australia

Beach outings are a major part of a fun sun holiday in Australia. You’ve got the hot sun piping down giving you that sweet tan, people playing and building sandcastles, and the refreshing ocean just by your towel and cooler. With so many locations to choose from, which are the best Australian beaches? Fear not, vacationer. We’ve got you covered! Here is our Top 10 Australian Beaches To Visit This Year, just in time for summer down under.

Top 10 Australian Beaches To Visit This Year: Our Views

10. Second Valley, South Australia

Second Valley Beach is a picturesque setting found on the Fleurieu Peninsula, near Adelaide. Luckily it hasn’t been ruined with modern technology or structures, allowing its natural beauty to shine through.

It is also an ideal location for a day out, with vast amounts of space for sunbathers and it’s an excellent snorkelling spot. Check out our South Australia section for more things to do.


9. Tallow Beach, New South Wales

Tallow Beach is found extremely close to the town of Byron Bay where Just FN Travel was essentially born, and it’s known by locals as a surfer’s paradise. The beach is situated just under the famous Byron Bay lighthouse, offering incredible sights of its surrounding cliffs and the sea.

Due to the short distance from the town, Tallow Beach is an excellent location for tourists who want to start their day at the beach before heading on to shore for shopping and lunch. Check out our Byron Bay section for stuff to do there.

Tallow Beach Byron Bay NSW Australia east coast

8. Happy Bay, Queensland

Happy Bay, in the Whitsundays, is one of those glorious locations that you probably think only belongs in films or on a photoshopped magazine spread. This beach is very accessible, and it’s a lovely spot for snorkeling or fishing. If you’re looking for adventure, you can book ferry trips that give you an exploratory look of the surrounding islands.

Looking at the picture, I’m sure you’re itching to go to the Whitsundays now. See our Whitsundays page for a list of boats that take you around the island and visit some of the world’s best beaches.

Happy Bay Whitsundays NSW Australia

7. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Named after the scorching heat that coats the beaches, Bay Of Fires is another gorgeous location that offers amazing sights unlike anywhere else in the world. There is a variety of accommodation available from campsites to resorts nearby for those who want to spend more time here. One of the most famous is the award-winning Bay Of Fires Lodge, which offers cave exploration, kayaking, spa treatments and unparalleled luxury. Check our Tasmania page for a list of cool things to do there.

Bay Of Fires Tasmania Australia

6. Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Burleigh Heads, a wonderful beach directly adjacent to the city of Gold Coast. It’s a no-brainer if you’re travelling the East Coast, considering you can walk a few minutes from your accommodation to the beach. With its ideal location, you could easily spend an entire day lounging by the sun! Check out all you can do along the East Coast here.

Burleigh Heads

5. Vincentia Beach, New South Wales

Lying on the shores of the gorgeous Jervis Bay Marine Park, Vincentia Beach itself is an open area covered in white sand, featuring a vast amount of activities for people of all ages. These include the usual playground structures and snorkelling areas, but also offered is a once in a lifetime diving experience, where you can visit dolphins, penguins, seals, and sometimes whales in their natural habitat.

4. Emu Point, Western Australia

Just a few kilometers northeast of Albany’s city centre, Emu Point boasts spectacular views overlooking King George Sound and Middleton Beach. Make your way down to the beach area and find cafes, restaurants, and most importantly, lots of space to lay your towel down and enjoy the sun. See our Western Australia section for a list of great ways to explore this beautiful part of Australia.

3. Sleaford Bay, South Australia

Resting near the Lincoln National Park in the Eyre Peninsula, Sleaford Bay is an easily accessible secluded cove that is known for being a relatively “secret” location. You won’t find many tourists here, nor are you likely to have your day ruined by overcrowding.

Big dunes overlook the sea, and local vendors rent out sand boards or boogie boards for sliding down. The area is also a popular spot for local surfers, with the waters picking up streams from both the south and southwest.

Sleaford Bay South Australia

2. Gunyah Beach, South Australia

If you liked the idea of sand surfing in Sleaford Bay, take a look at Gunyah Beach. Found on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Gunyah has some of the most appealing sand dunes in the world, in both a visual sense and in terms of getting that sweet, safe adrenaline rush! This beach is also a very popular fishing location, with some of the biggest rip holes in Australia – some are 200m across!

Gunyah Beach eyre peninsula south australia

And finally, as the top Australian Beach…

1. Cossie’s Beach, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Our top pick, Cossie’s Beach, is different to the others on this list because of its remote location. Cossie’s Beach is as natural as they come due to the lack of civilisation.

Clear, clean freshwater surrounds the whitest and purest sands in Australia. Take a day trip to the island, and find yourself indulging in wood-fired barbecues, before taking off on a peaceful walking trail.

Have a quick look at the surrounding trees during your visit. Sailors often anchor their ships here for a brief vacation, leaving various memorabilia from their travels along the palm trees.

Cossies Beach cocos keelings islands australia
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